Survival Knives

When it comes to survival gear, you should include a knife or knives, depending on your needs.  They can serve many important purposes from something as helpful as a can opener to a weapon that could save your life.  There are 3 types of knives: a fixed blade, a folding blade, and a multi-tool survival knife.  Each type of knife has its own purpose and benefits.  Of course, there is no rule saying you only get to own one knife.  However, it is important to know how to safely use them for the correct task and to put them away so there are no accidental injuries.

Most fixed blade knives designed for survival are sturdier, longer, and bigger than the other types.  It is recommended that survivalists who purchase a fixed blade knife also purchase a sheath to make it safer to carry.  These knives can be used for a number of heavy-duty tasks that would not be possible with a folding blade or a multi-tool blade.  Since fixed blade knives are so much bigger and sturdier, they can be used to chop wood, clear areas of tall grass and brush, cut cord, use as a weapon, hunt with, and several otherwise difficult tasks. 

The folding blade knife does just what it says.  It conceals itself right into the handle by folding into it, which makes it easier to carry and hide.  However, it can’t do everything that a fixed blade can do as far as the major workload.  Plus, it has a shorter blade, which would mean that in a defense situation, you would have to be much closer to your attacker.  (never recommended!)  To make matters worse, if the spring mechanism fails to open, you would basically have no weapon and therefore no defense.  It would still be good to have around camp to do things like: clean fish, carve spears, gut animals, and any other tasks that need to be done by hand.

Many survivalists prefer the multi-tool knife.  Since lots of manufacturers make multi-tool knives with a specific activity in mind, make sure you get one that has the tools you want on it.  Some tools that might be helpful are: scissors, pliers, screwdriver, bottle opener, can opener, and a wire stripper.  These knives come in different materials, so you want to make sure you pick something sturdy like stainless steel and not ceramic.  Although these are great knives to have with you almost all the time, you might not want to make this the only knife you take with you in a survival situation. 

As you pack your survival gear, don’t forget to think about what type of knife or knives you should take with you.  When doing so, you need to take into consideration how long you are going to be gone and where you are going.  If you are going to camp for a long time, you should take more than one because you must be prepared for anything.  You also have to consider the terrain because if you need to hack your way through some dense foliage, then you should take a big fixed blade.  Remember, you can take more than one kind of knife with you if you think it will be beneficial to your survival.