Survival Gear for My Family

Weather disasters from hurricanes, tornados floods, etc. happen more often and are more severe. Mass shootings are a regular in the news. And now the Coronavirus pandemic. When and what will the next situation be that reminds you that you need survival gear for your family? Natural disasters and man-made disasters are occurring with more frequency than ever. Preparing ahead is the best way to keep your family safe in a disaster situation.

Thinking ahead about your family – what do your kids need? Your spouse? Your parents? Your pets? Is there anyone else you take care of? What do they need during a disaster? Having those things packed and at the ready will put your mind at ease and give your family a sense of security in knowing that you are prepared. You may never need it, and let’s hope that’s the case.

All your family’s gear should be packed in a go bag, a backpack or travel bag that can be kept at the ready. Your bag should be sturdy and waterproof, lightweight and easy to carry. If your family is large, you may need more than one bag.

Each person needs a change of clothes. Food that is packed should be nonperishable. Water is also a necessity. Water bottles require space and are heavy. Instead include water that is packaged just for this purpose – lightweight and immune to temperature fluctuations.

A solar powered radio is useful so that you can listen to emergency broadcasts. Thermal blankets should be packed. Rain ponchos can have multiple uses depending on the situation. An emergency or tube tent is something else to consider. Light sticks or a rechargeable lantern should be included in case there is no power available. A multi-function tool that includes a knife will come in handy for many tasks.  A fire starter should also be in your go bag.

Medications for each person should be included and stored in an easy to find location. A two weeks supply is recommended for prescriptions. Include an emergency first aid kit so that minor injuries don’t become bigger problems.

Being prepared for tough situations takes time, thought and effort. The resources you invest in being ready will pay dividends if you encounter a disaster.  Plan wisely for your safety and your family’s.